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  Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE)
  Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
  Moulded coal/Formed coke

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We have offices throughout the country, and storage centers faster, more convenient and more fluent sales network system, and formed the radiation the multi-level and three-dimensional. sales and distribution networks.
Jiangsu Tianteng will soar with new attitude in the face of the fierce competition environment, in the future journey, days will unite as one, smoke arduous struggle, innovation, market-oriented, technology-based to quality as a fundamental, and create a new situation in the development of tenghui days.
氯化聚乙烯(CPE)|氯化聚乙烯橡膠(CM-35B)|氯化聚氯乙烯(CPVC)|PVC加工助劑(ACR)|結晶氯化鋁|型煤/型焦--江蘇天騰化工有限公司 - 新剑侠情缘手游职业技能|新剑侠情缘手游天王穿什么装备最好
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